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TEKNIKER IK4-Tekniker is an independent research organization, founded in 1981, whose main working focus is to improve manufacturing technologies, that includes all the situations that characterizes a product life cycle, from conception and design, until the end of working life. Automotive parts, machine tools, mechanical capital goods, aerospace, chemical & petroleum products and industrial and consumer electronics are the most relevant sectors served by Tekniker.
All technological objectives of Tekniker are addressed with a staff of 270 people, being the actual annual turnover of around 15M€. Tekniker has been involved in many research programmes: National, European and International and has a huge expertise in the coordination of European Projects (Integrated and STREP projects).

Role in the Project
Tekniker will take the leading of WP2 (Wireless Sensor and Actuator Network). In addition, Tekniker will be in charge of all the technical issues regarding ICT.

Contact Person:
Jon Mabe, R&D Project Leader, Electronics and Communications contact

Jon Mabe Jon Mabe holds a MSc in telecommunications engineering and is performing a PhD in fault tolerant digital signal processing. He works as Researcher in the Electronics and Communication Department and is experienced in the application of advanced and intelligent systems for sensor platforms and control systems, with many industrial and research projects, including EU-funded projects, such as Posseidon (FP6), Dinamyte (FP6), and Chameleon (FP7).

Workforce Involved

Eduardo ArceredilloEduardo Arceredillo: is the Director of the Electronics and Communication department. He is a senior research engineer with more than 20 years of experience in network protocols, embedded systems, very low-power design and real time operating systems. Currently he is been working on including advanced performance on top of WSN localization, security, global connectivity, and perpetual devices. He has participated in several European and national research projects.

Jorge BerzosaJorge Berzosa holds a MSc in Computer Science and is performing a PhD in Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks. He works as Researcher in the Electronics and Communication Department and his interests lay in the area of the WSN (localization, routing, monitoring…).

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