Tibucon Project Results

This section contains all TIBUCON public deliverables and promotional documents.

Energy harvesting strategies performance
The purpose of this study is to assess the amount of ambient energy available in domestic and commercial environments that can be harvested using a selected range of energy harvesting technologies.

Demonstration buildings specifications
This study provide the characteristics of the two buildings selected for the project (Jutrzenki and Lorea Buildings) and their HVAC system (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning); this information will be used for developing thermal simulation models and for proposing a suitable wireless topology for system integration.

Presentation of the project website
Short description about what you will find on our project website.

High level data models and message structures
This document deals with the description of the proposed data model and standards for each layer of the TIBUCON project. How these standards fit into the project or which problems must be overcome and the way to solve them are described in the current document.

Wireless communication protocol description
This document presents the Wireless Communication approach for Tibucon project, dealing with the biggest concern of the power constraints.

Building thermal simulation and control models
The energy and comfort simulations of the demonstrator buildings play a central role in the TIBUCON project. This report explains the construction of a software model to estimate the transient thermal behaviour of a building and its HVAC installation, in response to the HVAC control, its occupants behaviour and weather disturbances. This model will be used to simulate the energy consumption and the thermal comfort in the demonstrator buildings where the TIBUCON sensors are deployed, so that current and new control strategies can be assessed and improved.


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