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project launch meetingTIBUCON Kick-Off Meeting, Wasaw, 10 September.
The project Kick-Off meeting took place in Warsaw, 10 September 2010, hosted by MOSTOSTAL project coordinator.


workshop impact of the energyWorkshop, Impact of the Energy - efficient Building PPP, Brussels, 26th November 2010
TIBUCON project was presented on the Workshop entitled Impact of the Energy - efficient Building PPP. The event was organized by European Commission and took place in the conference room under the name Robert Schuman in Berlaymont Building. To see photos from the event, please visit our Gallery.
To see the presentation, please click Download.
To see report from the Workshop made by Marta Fernandez click Download.


krajowy punkt kontaktowyAwareness Campaign "Meet & Cooperate", Warsaw, Poland – 28th of October 2011
During the meeting with NCPs was presented, among others Tibucon Project.

brusselsInfoday on Research PPPs, Brussels, Belgium – 11 & 12 of July 2011
Tibucon Project will be presented on 11th of July 2011. Part 2 Room: DE GASPERI.
If you want to download the presentation, please click here.
If you want to watch the presentation, just click here.

ectpECTP-E2BA-Eracobuild Conference 2011 Warsaw, Poland - 4 & 5 October 2011
Warsaw will host the 5th ECTP conference at the Radisson Blu hotel. Tibucon project will be presented on 5th of October (session of Energy-efficient Buildings and Districts: the role of ICT).
If you want to download the presentation, please click here.
To see photos from the event, please visit our Gallery.

ictICT for sustainable homes 2011, Nice, France – 24 & 25 October 2011
ICT for sustainable homes is an international conference and exhibition organised every year in Nice, France by Sigma Orionis in cooperation with the Beywatch project funded by the European Commission’s DG Information Society and Media.
This conference and exhibition on “ICT for sustainable homes” aims at providing companies, research laboratories and other organisations involved in ICT based products and services for the home with a key opportunity to meet and network, to be informed of latest developments and find fresh ideas, to identify promising technologies and markets, to find potential partners, to initiate or strengthen projects, etc.
Tibucon project will be presented on 24th of October.
If you want to download the presentation about the project, just click here.
If you want to download the presentation Survey of Potential Energy Harvesting Solutions for use in the Built Environment, just click here.

innovation conventionInnovation Convention 2011, Brussels, Belgium – 5 & 6 December 2011

This first edition of the Innovation Convention will be opened by President Barroso one year after the adoption of the Innovation Union flagship initiative, the EU's roadmap to turn Europe into a more innovation-friendly and competitive continent.
Research and innovation are the main motors for sustainable job creation and the only way to achieve a sustainable exit from the current economic crisis. This conference will bring together world leading experts in research and innovation to share their views on building a global innovation economy.
Tibucon project will be presented on the stand E, under the patronage of the Polish Presidency. We kindly invite you to meet with us!
For visitors that are not registered to the Convention, the exhibition will be accessible:
   - On Monday 5/12 from 14:30 until 17:00
   - On Tuesday 6/12 from 9:00 until 11:30
If you want to download Exhibition Catalogue, just click here.
To see photos from the event, please visit our Gallery.

ec2nd Workshop on Impact of the Energy-efficient Buildings PPP, Brussels, Belgium - 14-15 March 2012

The purpose of the workshop was to enhance the cooperation links within the PPP and to facilitate an assessment of its implementation. Different project presentations were addressed to the technological coverage of the PPP roadmap, as well as innovation and exploitation issues. Panel discussions focused on the added value of the PPP as a whole and on a roadmap beyond 2013.
To see the presentation from Sesion 3 TIBUCON project presentation, click here.
To see the presentation from Sesion 5 Standardisation, click here.
To see the presentation from Sesion 6 Effectiveness of the uptake by industry, click here.

percom2012Second International Workshop on Social Implications of Pervasive Computing (SIPC'12), 19-23 March 2012, Lugano Switzerland

This Second International Workshop on Social Implications of Pervasive Computing (SIPC’12) has been organized with the aim of claiming the Research into the social aspects of PC has thus far generally focused on the positive applications of the technology, with insufficient discussion of its potential high impacting social consequences. The intention of this workshop is to focus on and explore the social implications of pervasive computing, and from this to develop theories, methods and guidelines to encourage the technology to achieve maximum benefit, with minimal consequence.
It should be mentioned that this workshop has been organized in the frame of the Tenth IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications - PerCom 2012.
The work carried out under TIBUCON research named "Social Issues of Power Harvesting as Key Enables of WSN in Pervasive Computing" was presented by Jorge Berzosa, Researcher at IK4-Tekniker.
If you want to download the presentation about the project, just click here.
The full paper is available here.

brusselsInformation Days on the Research PPP, Brussels, Belgium - 9 & 10 of July 2012
During that event, Piotr Dymarski presented achievements in Tibucon Project.
If you want to download the presentation, please click here.
If you want to watch the presentation, just click here.

IoT WEEK 2012IoT WEEK 2012
IK4-TEKNIKER presents TIBUCON Project, Venice, Italy - 18 to 22 of June 2012
Irene Lopez de Vallejo, Director of IK4-TEKNIKER's ICT partnerships, is attending the IoT Week 2012 due to be held in Venice from 18 to 22 June. She will be participating on Thursday 21 June on the day of the IoT International Forum, by contributing to the Working Group Discussion, which will be focussing on the social impact and benefits of introducing these technologies into real environments (WG Societal).
Irene will be presenting the results of a study conducted within the framework of the European project TIBUCON Self Powered Wireless Sensor Network for HVAC System Energy Improvement - Towards Integral Building Connectivity (FP7-2010-NMP-ENV-ENERGY-ICT-EeB) in the city of Donostia-San Sebastian, in the Lorea district, covering 3 blocks and 64 apartments. The study centres on measuring the impact exerted by the activities of the occupants of the apartments on the functioning of the self-powered sensor network.
If you want to download the presentation about the project, just click here.

cobee 2012The Second International Conference on Building Energy and Environment, Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A. 1-4 August 2012

The conference on Building Energy & Environment provides a platform for discussing energy and environmental issues and for initiating collaboration among building engineers, environmental scientists, architects, facility managers, and policy makers. At this conference, 120 scientific papers were presented in parallel technical sessions, alternated with plenary sessions. About 200 participants attended this conference.
At this event, both the Tibucon solution and the potential of parameter tuning in weather compensated controllers were presented.
If you want to download the presentation, just click here.
Also, the (intermediate) simulation results of the parameter tuning impact were summarized in a scientific paper (available in the proceedings of the event), titled "Tuning of Control Parameters by Combining Building Simulations and a Multi-Magnitude Wireless Sensor Network: A Case Study".

innovation seedsAir conditioning control goes wireless

Article about TIBUCON in Innovation seeds.

workshop ICTWorkshop, "ICT – Information and Communications Technology on energy efficiency in buildings", Warsaw, Poland, 26th March 2013

On 26th of March 2013, Mostostal Warszawa S.A. in cooperation with Warsaw University of Technology and City of Warsaw organized workshop. The event was held in the building of the Warsaw University of Technology. In addition to the project were invited The Polish national Energy Conservation Energy, Sabur Sp. z o.o. (hardware provider), Siemens Sp. z .o.o.,(ESCO company), EL&Architects. Workshop was held under the patronage of National Contact Point in Poland. For this Workshop was designed special website where the most important information about the TIBUCON project were uploaded. TIBUCON was presented in the second section of the Workshop which was dedicated to the topics such as modernization buildings, wireless sensors networks and operation of ESCOs.

workshop ICTWorkshop, "Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) based solutions for Building energy efficiency improvement", San Sebastian, Spain, 24 May 2013

Giroa organized a workshop about information and communication technologies (ICT) based solutions for Building energy efficiency improvement. The event was held in Giroa central offices in San Sebastián on 24 of May 2013.
For the event, 9 companies of residential buildings management participated in the Workshop. These companies manage a large number of residential and office buildings around San Sebastian. The purpose of the workshop was to meet with the companies that are in direct contact with a significant number of homeowners to present and talk about the present and future of energy efficiency, and the latest solutions in the area of ICT in buildings.

international conferenceInternational Conference, "ICT for Sustainable Places", Nice, France, 9-11 September 2013

The ICT4SP International Conference (ICT for Sustainable Places) in the city of Nice, France is an original initiative from the Resilient FP7 European project consortium, and is organized as part of the project, with the aim to generate a successful, sustainable and world-class series of annual conferences.
The event aimed at fostering collaboration between FP7 projects involved at the crossroads of ICT, energy and construction, addressing sustainability and energy efficiency at building, district, and city levels. The TIBUCON project was presented with a special focus on the communication architecture, TIBUMAC, and deployments in new and old buildings.

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