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Mostostal Warszawa Mostostal Warszawa S.A. is one of the largest construction companies in Poland with a 60-year history. Although its name is linked inseparably to the rebuilding of Warsaw bridges, the company is presently active in all sectors of the construction market in Poland and Europe. During last 15 years as a consequence of Polish economy transformation and the company commercialization its range of activities has been significantly broadened. Nowadays Mostostal is well recognizable not only as executor of bridges but also buildings for public utility, industrial objects, activities from environmental protection area as well as roads or underground constructions. Mostostal activities extend to all areas and specialization fields in construction sector, both in project engineering and in works execution. In the civil engineering working area, Mostostal has built roads, was present in urban development, airports, harbours, beach regeneration, execution of dams, water piping, tunnels, gas pipes, water purifiers, metropolitan railways and railroads. Regarding to the building sub sector, Mostostal has executed works such as industrial, services, societal utility and real estate buildings.

Role in the Project
Mostostal will be the coordinator and will take the leading of WP1, WP5 and WP7.

Contact Person:
Mr. Piotr Dymarski, ICT Work Group Coordinator at Mostostal R&D Dept. contact

Mr. Piotr DymarskiMr. Piotr Dymarski holds an Engineering Degree in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering by the Warsaw University of Technology (Poland), specialized in RadioCommunication. Since 2006, he is coordinating the ICT Group of the R&D Department of Mostostal Warszawa and is involved in several National and European RTD Projects e.g.: Flexoline@home (FP6), EnPROVE (FP7), E3SoHo (FP7). Mr. Dymarski is involved also in the activities of E2B Association being responsible for ICT activities of the company.

Workforce Involved

Mr. Juliusz ZachMr. Juliusz Zach holds degree in Environmental Engineering by Warsaw University of Technology (Poland) and is specialized in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems. Currently, Mr. Zach leads an energy group of R&D Department of Mostostal Warszawa S.A.. Mr. Zach coordinated the company activities in the process of establishment of Energy Efficient Buildings Association (private part of E2B European Initiative) and now is leading its Working Group 4: “Construction Processes”.

Mr. Pawel PonetaMr. Pawel Poneta graduated from Civil Engineering Department at Warsaw University of Technology (Poland) in the specialization of Building Structures.. Since 2004 he holds a position in Mostostal Warszawa S.A., managing R&D activities of the company. He has been actively involved in innovative European research projects and representing Mostostal Warszawa S.A. in Polish and European Construction Technology Platforms.

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